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The Heath Family | St. George, Utah Extended Family Photographer

Tis the season for Extended Family pictures! I am pretty sure that my next four sessions that will be blogged are all extended families!  I have to say, I love doing extended family sessions.  I know a lot of photogs won’t do them.  I am not sure why, but I can tell you why I love them.  They are a lot less stressful than single family sessions.  When I say stressful, I am talking clients stressing, not me:) I only stress when its my own family.  Then I am the psycho mom screaming at her kids!  Anyways, I think the extended family photo sessions are less stressful because everyone is just happy to have all of the big family together to even get a picture, that they don’t sweat the small stuff.  They are just thrilled that they will finally have a large family picture with all of the children, the spouses and the grandchildren together.  Another reason I love doing the extended families is because I think it is really neat to be able to look through my lens and see how this family started with two people, and grew into many more.  I don’t know why, but  I think its really cool, so I can only imagine how the “grandmas and/or grandpas” feel.  Ok, enough of this sappy crap!!  lol!

This is the Heath family! So at the last minute, one of the sons couldn’t get out of work!  We were already there and decided to go ahead with the shoot.  I felt so bad for Karen!  She had this shoot planned months in advance.  But what can ya do.  I then got this great idea to photoshop him in.  I told his mom that it would not be perfect.  I would need a picture of him emailed to me so that I could MAYBE take his head and add it to the family picture.  So we did a couple pictures knowing that we would swap him in.  The big family picture below is with the swapped in son.  Can you tell?  Maybe you can tell if you know the guy personally.  I have never met him, so he may be taller, shorter, a bigger head, a smaller head, I don’t know.  But for everyone else, can you tell?  Don’t stare at it too hard, cuz then you will be able to tell! lol! I was surprised that I was able to get the coloring and lighting on his face to look as good as it did.

St. George, Utah Extended Family Photographer Christina P. Photography

Its already 1 am.  I really wanted to show the steps I took in setting this shot up at the photoshoot so that I could easily add the missing son afterwards in photoshop, but I am a sleepy girl. I will at least throw on the picture they emailed me to use for his head.

I also had a chance to take Dave and Melanie’s family pictures right before the rest of the family got there.  I love their little kiddos.  I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I took little Blakes newborn pics.

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Lindsay - December 29, 2010 - 9:51 pm

Impressive. Seriously – I cannot believe you pulled off the head swappy swap. I am not kidding you just keep getting better and better and this my friend is exhibit A. Loves ya!

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